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Censor | For a change

Censor’s assumption is based on three fundamental elements: process optimization, human development and organizational change. A trinity that brings a dynamic ensemble in every organization.

That’s why we have an integral focus on:
  • 1. ... the development of people, by training, education, collaboration and coaching;
  • 2. ... optimization of organizational processes and workflow, by strategies like LEAN and QRM (Smart Industry);
  • 3. ... accompany organizational change, through thinking through and implementing cellular manufacturing

The ultimate goal is to shorten lead times in the whole supply chain. Our way of working is to…:
  • 1. ... increase and vary collaboration among employees in work cells;
  • 2. ... reduce waiting times in processes, so lead times will decrease;
  • 3. ... build a client centered organizational hierarchy, bureaucracy and communication strategy.

Censor china

Experience based learning.

Censor has developed a ‘rational-intuitive’ way of working, which combines common sense, creativity and process thinking. In everyday practice brainworkers and manual workers learn from and with each other. In our unique Management Development Program managers will learn to fulfill a more supportive role in this ongoing, corporate learning process.

Organizational improvement through complex collaboration
Effective, organization wide teamwork ask people to continuously gain fresh insights, increase their knowledge and improve communication skills every day. Censor creates this dynamic ‘case based’ learning environment that empowers employees and make them better at their jobs. Through highly efficient training and personal coaching, Censor enables complex collaborations to make organizations future proof again.

Organizational improvement through process optimization
A lot of organizational processes gradually become cumbersome and complex. Many bypasses in processes make them unnecessarily overextended and expensive. We have a critical view on the design of processes: our focus is to eliminate waiting times as much as possible. It’s all about saving time. And time is money!

Organizational improvement through organizational improvement
As a fellow corporation, we know that the context we make is of influence on our response speed to market developments. In client centered entrepreneurship it’s all about Quick Response Hierarchy, Quick Response Bureaucracy and Quick Response Communication. Censor helps to develop an organizational system that works for the customer. Streetwise improvement, development and innovation represents the heart of an innovative organization.

Development from within
On behalf of the executive board, our approach starts from within the company. Movement from within, just like throwing a rock in a pond. We are pleased to assist you, as executive advisor, change director, facilitator, trainer or coach.